Welcome to the course Understanding ICT for development I !

This course gives a general introduction to the field of ICT for development.

The first part of the course will present current definitions of development, discuss different views on development in relation to social theory and economic theory. It will give a brief history of development and a general critique of development studies.

The second part of the course will introduce the role of ICT in development. It will acquaint the students with the central issues – accessibility (general/specific groups), skills, design – and specific areas – e-learning, e-business, e-governance, e-health in ICT4D.

The course aims to build awareness of how ICT4D is shaped by wider trends and discourses, with an ability to apply this insight to the rapidly changing environment of ICT4D practice. It aims to help participants to understand their own place as empowered actors within the global community of development practitioners. The course builds a foundation of knowledge for further development in the course ‘Understanding ICT for Development 2’.

Learning outcomes:

At the end of the course unit, students should:

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of different approaches to development and their theoretical underpinnings
  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of the conditions and prerequisites concerning the application of ICT in developing regions.

  • Demonstrate ability to critically and systematically analyse the role of ICT in international development

  • Demonstrate ability to present and discuss central issues related to ICT for development
  • Demonstrate insight of the possibilities and challenges of ICT for development
  • Demonstrate ability to critically discuss evaluation of development with ICT
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