Sharing your perspectives on evaluation

This is a portal activity - sharing your experiences of evaluation. Building on the table in the lecture (which is below) contribute to a discussion (at least 5 substantive posts per person) on the following questions:

  • Should ICT4D programmes be more accountable for impact
  • What is more valuable – qualitative, quantitative? Can we ever do evaluation with one without the other?
  • Which of these are stronger – and why? What would you add to the list? What have your personal experiences been

Evaluation is useful in ICT4D because it…

Evaluation is harmful in ICT4D because it …

Makes people accountable

Distracts from real purpose of programme

Highlights successes

Imposes simplistic notions of success

Facilitates learning

Gives no time to implement learning

Enables effective allocation of resources

Allocates resources only where impact can be quantified

Gives stakeholders a voice

Pressurises stakeholders

What would you add here?

What would you add here?

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