Case 3 - Description and assignment

The dilemma

A common problem in developing countries is that very few graduate from secondary school and even fewer attend or graduate from tertiary school. The dilemma in this case is to determine how best to address poor graduation rates in developing countries by using ICT.

Your decisions

  • What type of ICT investment do you choose (why and motivate):
    • Hardware
      • desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc
  • Software
    • Web portals, smartphone apps, etc.
  • Hardware and Software
  • ICT support for personnel
  • ICT infrastructure in schools
  • Who should be the recipient of the investment?
    • Educators
    • Students
    • Poor in slums
    • Other
    • Describe and plan the length and duration of your ICT effort. What are the intended outcomes? Is the project sustainable and scalable, i.e. can the project be increased in size over time to reach a greater audience and operate on its own without external funding?


Please write down your individual answers

Compare them with your peerĀ“s.

Point to what factors you prioritized over others when making your decisions.

Identify and discuss the main advantages and risks of your choice and of the alternatives that were not chosen.

Eventually re-write your decision if the group discussion caused you to re-consider your choices or challenge the assumptions you had made.

Case 3 provided by Mr. William Jobe, DSV

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