Impact assessment of ICT for Development Projects: A compendium of approaches

This working paper presents in detail the 11 most cited approaches in evaluating ICT for development projects. It starts off with the guiding framework—the ICTD value chain, which shows the areas important in the realisation of ICT for development projects: readiness, availability, uptake and impact. It also shows the changing focus of ICTD assessment over time. It highlights that if before there was so much interest on readiness, now the slant is on the impact of an ICTD project. Among the approaches discussed include Amartya Sen’s capability approach and the livelihood approach. It proceeds by giving an overview of the framework and explanation of its components, strength and weakness analysis, methodological summary, method recommendations, references, bibliography, variants (variations in the framework that can be used in ICT4D impact assessment), and the examples of use (research studies that used said approach). This paper is particularly relevant as there are urgent calls to evaluate ICTD projects. It is known that billions of money have been or are being spent on these projects while their impact remains anecdotal and rare.